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Must I use a Red firestop product?

NO!  Firestop products are produced in a variety of colors.  A particular color (whether red or some other color) has no importance relative to firestop applications.  It is critical however, that regardless of color, the sealant installed must have been tested as a component in a system that will satisfy each application and/or rated condition.  Click 3M colors to view 3M firestop colors.  Click Tremco colors to view Tremco firestop colors.

Can different firestop products of the same color be used interchangeably in the same application?

Not necessarily!  While products with the same color may be applicable in the same condition, the color of the product has no significance.  Different sealants with the same color cannot be counted on to be interchangeable in a firestop application.  It is critically important that each sealant is supported with documentation (UL...etc.) that it has been successfully tested in a system for each application.

Can you buy a one, two or three hour fire caulk?

NO!  Individual products cannot be rated.  Only systems can receive a rating.